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We Empower BIPOC At Servant Plus LV

At Servant Plus LV we empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) men and women with the resources and knowledge to achieve their dreams to become firefighters and create more inclusivity, equality, and diversity within the industry.

Through perseverance and dedication, BIPOC youth and adults can restore the balance of an industry meant to protect all and be protected by all. 


  • Recruit, train, and prepare BIPOC men and women who desire to be part of the Fire department.
  • Community visibility and involvement.
  • Political visibility and involvement.
  • Community events and collaborations with other unions and trades.a

Ready To Work Hard?

Servant Plus LV has made the long-term commitment to rebuilding the Firefighter industry into a more inclusive and diverse environment. A place where all people can feel safe and seen. With Serve & Plus, your desire to succeed is our mission. Our job is to give you the tools, insight, and resources to make your dream a reality. Your job is to work hard, stay vigilant, and strive to your true potential. 

Ready To Support The Cause?

Servant Plus LV cannot succeed without the support from donors like you. The people who understand why everyone, no matter their color, should have the same opportunities to serve and support our communities. You know that our youth can only be motivated by what they see around them. Please help us create a more inclusive world, one person at a time. 

Click the link below to show your support. 

What Do My Donation Dollars Do?

With every donation, you help support a BIPOC youth to achieve something that may have never had the opportunity. Your dollars go towards tuition for certifications, professional clothing, resource materials, and anything else needed to get them to the level they need to make their dream to become a firefighter a reality.